giovedì 25 gennaio 2018

TBAY NEWSLETTER - January 2018

Hello everybody!

First and foremost, best wishes to all of you for this new 2018!

I'm sitting here and typing letters from TBAY secret headquarter,
trying to bring my usual quasi-monthly Newsletter back to life after months of silence... here we go!

This first months of 2018 will see me pretty busy as usual...
mixing the new album, playing lots of shows, festivals and tours to come...

read on! 

Joost Dijkema Italian Tour feat. Gianni TBAY 

My good friend Joost Dijkema is coming over Italy all the way from Groningen, NL to perform a string of shows across the Boot.

January 2018

wed 31 - Torino @ Sofa Cafe

February 2018

thu 1 - Pinerolo (I) @ Espresso Bar Italia
fri 2 - Genova (I) @ Giardini Luzzati
sat 3 - Bologna (I) @ Efesto House Show
sun 4 - Padova (I) @ Al Buscaglione
mon 5 – Milano (I) @ Gatò

JD is a truly talented musician who performs the best fingerpicking style I've ever seen! He's gonna pick his guitar and sing some of his great originals from his latest LP "Sacred Revelations".

Check him out here:

By the end of Joost's set, I will join him on stage to play some numbers as duo, performing our not-named-yet duo project. It's 60s country/rock/bluegrass-influenced type stuff!

All this means you can't miss the show! 

TBAY European Tour

A few days later I'm gonna take my TBAY costume on and hit the road westbound to France, for three concerts, taking part to the One Man Band Festival in Montpellier on February Fri 9th.

February 2018

Thu 8 – Lyon (F) @ Le Trokson
Fri 9 – Montpellier (F) @ Secret Place/ OMB FESTIVAL 
Sat 10 – Marseille (F) @ La Tache

More shows in Italy and France will follow  in the weeks to come...

Sat 17 – Torino (I) @ Testa Balorda
Wed 28 - Ferrara (I) @ Arci Bolognesi

March 2018

Thu 1 – Bologna (I) @ Off
Fri 2 – Padova (I) @ Al Buscaglione
Sat 3 – TBA
Sun 4 – TBA
Mon 5 – Milano (I) @ Gattò
Thu 8 – Torino (I) @ Café Des Artes
Fri 9 – Annecy (F) @ Bistro Des Tilleuls

...and a full-on Swiss tour, sharing the stage with Weird Omen in Biel and playing two shows with the legendary Reverend Deadeye in Basel and Bern... Yeah!

Wed 14 – Biel (CH) @ Salopard w/ Weird Omen 
Thu 15 – Basel (CH) @ Marina Bar w/ Reverend Deadeye 
Fri 16 - Liebefeld, Bern (CH) @ H27 w/ Reverend Deadeye 
Sat 17 – Zurich (CH) @ Gothard Bar
Sun 18-  Saint Gallen (CH) @ Rumpeltum
Mon 19 – Winterthur (CH) @ Portier

thu 22 – Milano (I) @ KD House
fri 23 - Roncà, Verona (I) @ Jack The Ripper w/Superdownhome

And here is the almost-completed list of shows of my European Tour in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany. 

If you wanna book TBAY please contact:
Rootstown Booking at (Europe)
Rockin Dogs Booking at (ONLY France)

28.3 – Strasbourg (F) @ Le Mudd Club
29.3 – Stuttgart (DE) @ Trash a go-go
30.3 – Frankfurt (DE) @ Feinstaub
31.3 – Mannheim (DE) TBA

1.4 – Liege (BE) @ KulturA
2.4 –Bruxelles  (BE) @ Mue Tattoo
3.4 – Nijmegen (NL) @ Camelot
4.4 – Utrecht (NL) @ ACU
5.4 – Aarschot (BE) @  Café de Oude Tijd
6.4 -  Warneton (BE) @ La Malle Poste
7.4 - Arlon (BE) @ Broken Neck Festival
8.4 – TBA
9.4 – TBA
10.4 – TBA
11.4 –  Kassel (DE) @ Goldgrube
12.4 – Hamburg (DE) @ Komet Club
13.4 –Leipzig (DE) @ Zwille
14.4 –Chemnitz (DE) @ Subbotnik
15.4 – TBA
16.4 – TBA
17.4 – TBA
18.4 – TBA
19.4 – Konstanz (DE) @ Klimperkasten
20.4 – Freiburg (DE) @ Slow Club

21.4 –Besançon (F) @ Tattoo Festival

If you wanna book TBAY please contact:

Rootstown Booking at (Europe)
Rockin Dogs Booking at (ONLY France)

Push the blues against youth!

Gianni TBAY

martedì 9 gennaio 2018

Tbay 2018 updates!


by Vinyl Or Live

One man bands are a very popular thing at the moment: they're fun to listen to and it's easy and cheap to play music and organise a tour when you're on your own. These are probably the first two reason that made a music category so linked to the past and the tradition, spread again in the 21st century. Someone who's not familiar with the genre may ask how can one man only give you the emotions that a group emanates. And in fact this can be a problem: there are so many one man bands around right now that not all of them are good. And if you're not good enough and you play by yourself the result is that...well, you just suck!
Listening to THE BLUES AGAINST YOUTH though makes you want to turn the question around: how can one musician only give you the whole repertoire of emotions of an entire band?
The answer is very simple: he's just very good!
His blues goes way back to the American tradition oscillating from country music to the 19th/beginning of 20th century folk blues, always leaving you doubtful whether you're hearing to one of his original songs or to a traditional oldie back from the wild west. In a period in which a lot of people put the blues label on their groups just to play a couple of very catchy and popular tracks from John Lee Hooker or B.B. King that everyone in the club can sing along, it's very hard to listen to such a great set of songs that show you how deep the research of this guy from Rome must have been.
Going more on the technical side, The Blues Against Youth is a very simple and we'll executed concept of one man band: just guitar and percussions (plus a kazoo in a couple songs), so perfectly mixed and harmonious he has nothing to envy to the greats of the genre such as Reverend Beat-Man or Bloodshot Bill. No loop stations, no noise machines, just the instruments and his voice. And if you close your eyes you find yourself leaving this little club in Siena and waking up in Mississippi in the 30s in the middle of Cohen Brothers' movie set 'O Brother, Where Art thou?'. The last special mention goes to "Good morning, Bad feeling", the great new single that gives the name to his new 10" EP, and that could with no doubt be the perfect soundtrack for a 50s John Wayne western.

giovedì 2 novembre 2017


It looks like I'll be back on the road for two weekends in Italy!
More shows will be on soon!

16.11 - Pinerolo (I) @ Espresso Italia
17.11 – Genova (I) @ Giardini Luzzati
18.11 – La Spezia (I) @ Distrò
19.11 – Cuneo (I) @ Birrovia

23.11 – Roncà, Verona (I) @ Jack The Ripper
24.11 - Venezia (I) @ TBA
25.11 - Montebelluna (I) @ Brusada Wines
26.11 - TBA

Push the blues against youth!

Check my shows anytime at:

martedì 10 ottobre 2017



Tue 17 – Chambery (F) @ Brin De Zinc
Wed 18 – Lyon (F) @ Le Farmer
Thu 19 –  HELP
Fri 20 –   Montreuil (F) @ the Armony w/ The Cuckoo Sisters

sat 21 –  Gent (BE) @ Muziekcafé 't Schoon Zicht
Sun 22 – Groningen (NL) @ Het Kantoor

Thu 26 - TBA
Fri 27 - TBA
Sat 28 - TBA


martedì 8 agosto 2017

TBAY Summer Tour

Howdy from the road ladies and gentlemen!  

Here' yours truly Gianni TBAY with his month's Newsletter, keeping you informed about my next moves, new record release, Summer Tour and much more stuff to come!

Well, I've just come back from Binic Folks Blues Festival that was real fun and magic time! An injection of pure freedom, friendship and music that kept a smile on my face for three days straight. Here's a picture to give you an idea... 

New Album Out On Beast Records

My new 10" album "Good Morning Bad Feeling / Deprecation Road" is out on Beast Records and it was premiered at Binic Folks Blues Festival last week.

This latest effort o'mine includes the hit-single "Good Morning Bad Feeling" and a selection of new and old TBAY's tunes, plus two covers to pay the tribute to two of my heroes David Allan Coe and Doc Watson...

For now it's only available on vinyl on Beast Records and digital on TBAY Bandcamp page. Get your copy! 

Summer Tour

This month I'm gonna be very busy road dogging in Europe... Here's the shows as scheduled!

10.8 - La Chaux De Fonds (CH) @ L'Entre Deux
11.8 - Basel (CH) @ Marina Bar
12.8 - Winterthur (CH) @ Die Villa Rosa
16.8 – Amsterdam (NL) @ Checkpoint Charlie
19.8 - Groningen (NL) @  De Souffleur

20.8 - Eindhoven (NL) @ Crust Bar
24.8  – Solingen (DE) @ Waldmeister
25.8 - Mannheim (DE) @ Fermac's Irish Pub
26.8. – Lixing-lès-Rouhling (F) @ One Night Of Live Music #427.8 - TBA
29.8 - Strasbourg (F) @ The Soul Town
30.8 - Bern (CH) @ Reitschule (early show 19h)
31.8 - Bern (CH) @ Matte Brennerei
1.9 - Lustenau (A) @ Private Show

Some more shows might be popping up in the next days, so check my website for further updates:

New Live Videos

Here's a video of me performing "Spike Driver Blues" at Binic Festival... More live video added in the Video page of this site.

lunedì 12 giugno 2017

TBAY Summer Tour

Hello everyone!

I've just returned from the last leg of the "Barbed Times" tour; a journey that took me toSouthern France, with a quick encroachment in the Basque Country and Spain... Although everything started off with somebody crashing my car glass in Torino just before we left, the rest of the ride was smooth and fun, and the weather conditions - very important thing - were comfortably/reassuringly sunny with high temperatures...
Thanks everyone for welcoming me and my friend/sound-engineer/driver/roadie Gigi at any place we stopped by, we really enjoyed it!
Other than this - we might call it "warm up" or whatever - it looks like I'm gonna have a busy Summer playing around and burning lots of kilometers!
First off, Italy. Starting next week I'll be playing a series of shows in the Northern, North-Eastern and Central part of the "boot", taking part in the Mezcal Festival in Jesi on my way to Rome, where I will join my buddies The Restless Livers Collective to perform a show as a trio at Illustration and Comics Festival "Crack" at CSOA Forte Prenestino.

A few days later, I will litterally embark on a ferry ride heading to Sardinia and play theJailbreak Festival in Cagliari, opening for the legendary Zeke! 

14.6 – Rovereto (TN) @ Circolo Paganini
15.6 – Arco sul Garda (TN) Ai Conti
16.6 -  Montebelluna (I) @ Mezanino
17.6 - Jesi @ (I) Mezcal / Jack Rabbit
18.6 - Macerata (I) @ Spulla
22.6 - Roma (I) @ CSOA Forte Prenestino /Crack
27.6 - Cagliari (I) - Jailbreak Festival w/ Zeke
The end of July will see me play a bunch of gigs in Italy, again, to then head back to France for another string of shows on the way to the Binic Folks Blues Festival in Bretagne! For all those performances I will have the pleasure of playing with my friend G W Nodari, who will join me on stage for half part of the sets, playing alternately lapsteel and guitar.
23.7 - Torino (I) @ Spazio 211
25.7 - Lyon (F) @ The Farmer
26.7 - Montreuil (F) @ Bar Des Sports
27.7 - Rennes (F) @ Bistrot de La Cite
28.7 - Binic (F) @ Binic Festival
29.7 - Binic (F) @ Binic Festival
31.7 - TBC
1.8 - Saint Etienne (F) @ TBA

...and I will keep on rocking in August too!
More shows soon to be confirmed!

11.8 - Basel (CH) @ Marina Bar
12.8 - Winterthur (CH) @ Die Villa Rosa
26.8 - Lixing-lès-Rouhling (F) @ One Night Of Live Music #4

Check my shows anytime at

Up on the internet

Memories From The Tour


TBAY covers Doc Watson's

"Rising Sun Blues" 

Live from the rooftop
Tbay peforming from the rooftop of
"Roof Session Strasbourg" 
Watch The Video!


Rockstage Riot interview and live footage

Live from the Dreikoningskeller
Read interview and live report here.
Watch The Video!


New 7" Out 


Hey! My latest release "Barbed Times" 7" is still hot and available from Skronk Records' Bandcamp page. You can choose beetween two different packaging!
Click on the images for purchasing your copy!
Classic edition
Linocut handmade print limited edition

martedì 6 giugno 2017

Roof Session Strasbourg Video

Hello everyone!

Last month in Strasbourg I was invited by the guys from Roof Session Strasbourg to perform on their rooftop, and I played this tune from Doc Watson "Rising Sun Blues", which is in turn a cover from Dave Van Ronk's "House Of Rising Sun", lately risen to fame by The Animals, and many others... Check it out!